Erin Kunkel

Wow! They were fantastic, efficient and affordable!!! This year we noticed green algae streaking on our vinyl siding. We first looked into a “Spray/Forget” type product, but their own info said it would “take effect over time”- possibly many months. Then I heard a radio commercial advertising how Ohio Green Works/ Ohio Power Wash Llc had a specific wash to clean vinyl siding from such mold/fungus/algae. They promised 100% satisfaction and were true to their word! They didn’t even want my financial info ahead of time. It was really easy to set up- I had taken a couple pictures and emailed them over, and our house was scheduled and done within a few days. They did the whole house exterior, even though our siding is only the 2nd story. The process took just a few hours. My husband and I are extremely satisfied and would highly recommend them to anyone!